CMC CartonPack is a new technology developed by CMC to answer the increasing demand of B2B and B2C companies to dynamically pack multiple items (different shapes and sizes) by creating a single perfectly sized box.

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The system is based on a new transport tote, fully designed and patented by CMC. The CMC VaryTote features two inner adjustable guides used to compact the picked items to the minimum possible volume and thus define dimensions of the box. Thanks to the unique VaryTote design, the operator can easily and quickly adjust the inner guides to suit each individual consignment.

The VaryTote is the perfect solution to pick and pack multiple regular or irregular shaped items within a size range. A 3D Scanner placed in the VaryTote induct area reads the three dimensions of the order as set by the adjustable guides. That data is sent to the CMC CartonPack which creates the exact size flat blank for each consignment. Items are released onto the flat blank using the equally unique opening/closing base of the VaryTote. The box is then formed in a similar manner to that of the CMC CartonWrap.

CMC CartonPack belongs to the Award Winning CMC CartonWrap Series and uses the same on demand packaging technology.

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